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    With the death of Claude Lévi-Strauss last week at the age of 100, we can think of no better tribute than to undertake a fresh engagement in and reappraisal of his ideas and their impact on the life of the mind. inspired by the linguistics of Ferdinand Saussure, influenced by the historical and humanistic approach to anthropology pioneered by Franz Boas, and with self-styled connections to Marxist thought and deep debts to the legacy of Rousseau, Lévi-Strauss put forth the roots of structuralist priniciples that have grown into human sciences of all kinds. Where do those roots lead us? What kinds of flowers have risen from them, and what tangles? Those are the questions of the Savage Readers.

    Inspired by “Infinite Summer,” the online reading group dedicated to the memory of Davd Foster Wallace, we’re undertaking a brief but intense and focused reading of what is perhaps Lévi-Strauss’s most accessible work, The Savage Mind. We’ll have guides along the way; they’ll be posting chapter by chapter, commenting on the work and its foundations in Lévi-Strauss’s earlier research (with particular reference to Structural Anthropology). But we’ll also be looking for trails out of the forest—asking what CLS has to offer us when confronting history, technology, society, and the brain in our internetworked age. We encourage you to acquire The Savage Mind by whatever means makes sense for you. Soon, we’ll have links to purchase the book or to acces an electronic version online.  More to follow in this space!

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