1. 09:03 29th Oct 2009

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    print on demand

    My favorite bookshop, Harvard Book Store, earlier this month installed an espresso print-on-demand machine. I’ve been for a visit, but haven’t cooked up anything to print on it. Yet. A post on Geoff Manaugh’s BLDGBLOG gives notice of Pike Loop, an exhibition at Manhattan’s Storefront for Art and Architecture that features a truck-mounted robotic arm building an elegant, undulating brick wall. And it reminded me of an art installation I’ve dreamed of: a team of robotic arms printing a book using letterpress techniques—setting type, running the press, folding signatures, and sewing a fine bound book. How’s that for print on demand?

    If anyone has access to industrial robots idled by the economic downturn, who’d like to learn the craft of fine press, let me know.

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